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Finally Thin Forever!

Open Letter To My Overweight Sisters,

I’m glad you’ve decided to join me. We have a lot to do to prepare for a time of losing the extra pounds, once and for all. Yes its true, you can finally, get thin forever. How do I know? I’ve done it. My plus size was 65 lbs. on the upside. I had given up. I felt ugly, useless, and hopeless. The worst part was that even though I put on a happy face, my heart was broken. I couldn’t settle for how I looked and felt. But I had so much experience with failure, I couldn’t believe there was help for me. My heart goes out to you. I have been right where you are, this very moment. But you need to know that there in fact, IS help. I did it, you can too. Now what I want to talk to you about is TIME. If you need to lose 40 pounds for the class reunion in 2 weeks, this is not for you. If you’re looking to drop a quick 10 or 15 pounds, then go right back to the way things were, this is not for you. What this is , is something that will help to transform you from the person you are, into the person you want to become. And that takes time. The  thing is that if you diligently dig deep, reshape your thinking, put to rest the hurtful past, learn to appreciate who you are, look to a brighter future, and nurture your body and soul, you won’t be unhappy about your size, even if you never lose a pound. The wonderful thing is that the pounds will naturally melt away, because it will be a reflection of who you are on the inside. I know you are a good person. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to heal and be whole. That’s our mission. You, becoming whole. But  it takes time. How much time? It depends on many variables. How honest will you be with yourself?  Will you take the needed steps to move forward? Are you willing to make this a high priority in your life? How much weight do you want to  lose? Will you fight, disbelieve and struggle with this process? Or will you surrender, trust, and give yourself the time you deserve to make it work? It’s your choice. I will have articles for you to read.  They are examples of problems most of us have been plagued with. Many of them will resonate with you and be an example of a struggle you, yourself have experienced, perhaps without resolve. My goal with each article is to identify a problem, offer possible solutions, and then start you on simple plan of action that will set you in a new direction. I say simple, and some will be simple. However that doesn’t mean they are all easy. Some are difficult but necessary for change. Some will be harder for one, but then easier for others. You must commit to give each the time required to effect lasting change in your heart, mind, and body. Some will make you a better person, and you’ll feel good about that. Each of us will move forward at our own growth pace. We all have a personal story to uncover. So, If you are looking for a quick fix, this isn’t one. Look elsewhere. But, if your looking to make lasting changes that will affect your health, energy, appearance, your confidence, and relationships, your outlook on life and your sense of well being, c’mon,let’s get crackin!